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domo, I am Mei, a filipino student who really loves ARASHI.MY friends say that I am passionate about this group so I pursued my passion and decided to create a lj account for my fangurling. :D My ichiban is Sakurai Sho, The Brain of Arashi. <3 I also love other JE groups like NEWS, HEY!SAY!JUMP, KAT-TUN, KANJANI8 and also TEGOMASS(I know they are a part of NEWS)


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Hello everyone,

Sorry about this late introduction! But if you haven't heard yet, I am the new Maintainer of the community.

A little bit about me: I'm Tally, a university student and I've been in the fandom for about two years now. I joined this community last year because I liked the idea of having a place to find JE fandom friends. However, things seem to be a bit quiet around here and I hope to change that.

I have several ideas but before I implement them I would like everyone's opinions (or even suggestions!):
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Again, I'm open to suggestions, concerns, thoughts, anything. You can simply comment or send me a PM. I'm looking forward to maintaining the community! Nice to meet you all, please be kind to me ♥
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Hey, guys.

I know this place has been pretty quiet, and I have moved on from Jfandom myself so I haven't tried to change that. I was wondering if maybe someone would be interested in taking over this comm and maybe make something of it? I still think the idea isn't bad, and with the proper management it could come back to life.

If you're interested, drop me a PM or a comment.


Thank you, space_sick! ^^
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hii my name is Mino-chan.
Im Full Japanese chibi girl. just turned 20 years old.

my favorite group is arashi. ohmiya SK is my hero. <3
i welcome all johnny's group in my life.
heysayjump probably all goes next in line.

My ichiban is Nino and Yamapi probably.
I am a dorama fanatic and movies lover.
i've seen too many to count D:

please add if any of this seeems to suit your likes as well. but thats tricky cause its impossible not to like em' ;D

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I'm a girl that lives in Sweden and I will be 14 this april :D
I want to make lots of livejournal friends..and I'm kind of new here at livejournal.
My favorite groups are Hey Say JUMP, NEWS and favorite members are...all of them >< I cant choose. I became a fan of johnny's right after my birthday so it's been 8 months already...the first person in johnny's I saw was Ikuta Toma, I saw him in Hana Kimi. So he will always have a place in my heart..after that I saw Nobuta and I slowly became addicted to Johnny's xD

so..if you're interested in being my friend, add me :D <333
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Hiya JE fans~
I guess this community is a bit dead, but I'll post anyways :)

I'm Hazel, 14 years old, filipino, and living in the U.S.
I got into JE this summer, when I started loving NEWS. Though even before that I knew of Arashi because I watched Hana Yori Dango and fell in love with MatsuJun lol.
So NEWS is one of my favorite groups, but so is Hey!say!JUMP (this is my most recent OBSESSION), and Arashi. :)
My ichiban is Yuto Nakajima, and I love him A LOT. I also like Keito, Chinen, and Ryutaro from Hey!say!JUMP. I tend to like Hey!say!7, then BEST but only cuz 7 is closer to my age :)
In NEWS, I seriously love all of them equally. Yamapi, and Ryo used to be my favorite but now I just love them all! Massu is so cute, Koyama seems nice, Shige is so funny and unloved, and I just love Tegoshi.
I think that Arashi is REALLY talented, and I really love their songs. But I don't like them as much as JUMP since they're a lot older than me XD But MatsuJun is of course my favorite, but I like Ohno too since he has such an amazing voice!

I also really love watching J-dramas. I don't watch them as much anymore but I try to sometimes. I've watched Hana Kimi, Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2, Scrap Teacher, 1 litre of Tears, Attention Please, Proposal Daisakusen, and more if I could think of them. :)

So I'd love to meet more JE-loving friends! Espeically ones who can fangirl over w/me (especially about NEWS and Hey!say!JUMP). So feel free to add!~

Hey JE people!

Hello everyone~~~~!!

My name is Amy and I currently live in London, England. Although I am from Thessaloniki, Greece. I'm here in hope of meeting more JE fans and maybe more people from the UK? It seems that the JE fans in the UK are hiding. :O

Anyway, I discovered the JE fandom back in 2006/2007 through dramas (like Nobuta wo Produce, Kurosagi, Hana Yori Dango etc). Since then I haven't really stopped watching dramas with JE members and of course I searched about all teh different groups. I pretty much like everyone, but I don't listen to as much V6 & SMAP compared to the other groups.

I'd say my favourite group is NEWS.... or Arashi. Really, it's impossible to tell anymore. I tend to fangirl about Hey! Say! JUMP as well (but they can make you feel like a pedo and I feel really guilty orz). I used to like KAT-TUN more in the past, but I still love their music so very much.

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