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Apr. 12th, 2010 | 03:59 pm
posted by: space_sick in je_addme

Hello everyone,

Sorry about this late introduction! But if you haven't heard yet, I am the new Maintainer of the community.

A little bit about me: I'm Tally, a university student and I've been in the fandom for about two years now. I joined this community last year because I liked the idea of having a place to find JE fandom friends. However, things seem to be a bit quiet around here and I hope to change that.

I have several ideas but before I implement them I would like everyone's opinions (or even suggestions!):

1. Tags - Tagging your posts would make it easy to archive. Let's say someone is looking for Arashi fans and doesn't want to have to dig through all of the comm's entries to find them.

2. Standard Introduction Code - what I mean is having something like on the Friending Memes; a code everyone uses in this community to introduce themselves and their interests. I think it would make getting the information across clearer and keep an organised entry ^^

3. Activities - I'm still thinking about this one but, to make the community more active I think this could work. We could have weekly activities, etc. Anyway, I'll listen if anyone has thoughts on this!

4. Spread the word - Basically, lets all try to pimp out the community. This could be a place to find fandom friends at anytime during the month or season. Almost like a casual, no hassle for time friending meme? So help spread the word about this community~

5. Layout - I'm thinking of changing the layout to something simple and more customised with perhaps a header with a JE group. I know we all have different favourites when it comes to JE so this may be difficult....

Again, I'm open to suggestions, concerns, thoughts, anything. You can simply comment or send me a PM. I'm looking forward to maintaining the community! Nice to meet you all, please be kind to me ♥

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