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Hey JE people!

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Jul. 23rd, 2009 | 04:01 pm
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posted by: kankyuuhin in je_addme

Hello everyone~~~~!!

My name is Amy and I currently live in London, England. Although I am from Thessaloniki, Greece. I'm here in hope of meeting more JE fans and maybe more people from the UK? It seems that the JE fans in the UK are hiding. :O

Anyway, I discovered the JE fandom back in 2006/2007 through dramas (like Nobuta wo Produce, Kurosagi, Hana Yori Dango etc). Since then I haven't really stopped watching dramas with JE members and of course I searched about all teh different groups. I pretty much like everyone, but I don't listen to as much V6 & SMAP compared to the other groups.

I'd say my favourite group is NEWS.... or Arashi. Really, it's impossible to tell anymore. I tend to fangirl about Hey! Say! JUMP as well (but they can make you feel like a pedo and I feel really guilty orz). I used to like KAT-TUN more in the past, but I still love their music so very much.

Favourite members would be: Tegoshi, KoyaShige (although I love all NEWS). ALL OF ARASHI (well, Sho a bit more). Yama-chan and Junno. Really I just like most of them for different reasons. 

Ah, I listen to Kanjani8 because they have the same effect on me as Arashi's variety shows. They just put a smile on my face when I'm really down. I like Ohkura, for his awesome talent to look like a girl in 90% of the pictures. How does he do it? Of course Ryo, Subaru and Yoko follow. I never fangirled much about them but they deserve more love. ^^

I enjoy watching everyone's drama series and I tend to spend half my time watching Arashi's variety shows (they are too busy), and I like watching Shounen Club whenever it's on. So I do like quite a few of the Juniors. I used to watch ShowaxHeisei a lot, but I never followed School Kakumei in the same way. Cartoon KAT-TUN never amused me much for some reason, but I may have been unlucky (with the exception of that episode with Maki Horikita). I support pairings as really strong friendships (even if Ohmiya are totally married and Nino just likes kissing people a lot). I can't read JE slash fanfics at all (unless as I said it's friendship and not slashfics), but st times I'll still fangirl about random pairings. Go figure, sometimes I don't know either.

And because he's not in a group I feel the need to say that I absolutely love Ikuta Toma.

I don't bite, so if you want feel free to add me. I'd like to meet more JE fans~! Also, if you have a question feel free to ask me. :3

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Tally ☂ タリー

From: space_sick
Date: Jul. 23rd, 2009 07:32 pm (UTC)

ohmygosh you like Junno AND Yoko? I ♥ them the most out of their groups. But I understand how it is so hard to pick a favourite. Everyone is awesome!
Okay, well, um, hi! I'm Tally! I like Arashi the most but I like NEWS, Kanjani, KAT-TUN, etc. too
I live in the U.S. right now but I'm moving to Canada in a month. Oh and I'm 18.
You sound like a really sweet girl. friends? :)

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From: haruna_io
Date: Sep. 24th, 2009 06:20 pm (UTC)

I'm Robi from Italy and I'm a JE fan too! ^^
Unluckly I don't live in england but one of my friend is there now.
I need to ask u a big favour! >_<
DO u know if there's a Je store or something close, in London?

Thanks for reading and let's talk a lot ne!

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